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Darling Orchids - 15 Pack

$127.00 USD

Product Specifications: 

  • Plant height: 8-12" 
  • 15 Phalaenopsis Orchids per box
  • Choose from soft grow pot, or white ceramic pot
  • Grow pot is 2" in diameter


These petite orchids make a big statement! These sweet plants brighten up any space with their vibrant colors. This box includes 15 orchids.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Renee Rowe

    Beautiful orchids, arrived quickly and in perfect shape!

    Lynda Jackson
    Excellent Service

    Orchids arrived in mint condition on the day they were promised!

    Gloria Justen
    Beautiful orchids arrived in great condition

    I ordered a box of Darling Orchids, and they arrived in great condition looking beautiful! They are healthy and happy. One of them is even sweetly fragrant!

    Keith Hill
    Great company towork with!

    Westerlay has been a great company to buy from.. These Darling orchids are great quality and priced right. Highly recommend!

    Jamila Lisa Gulick
    Bloomed FOREVER!!

    I've never had an orchid before. I received a Darling Orchid at the end of March, 2022. It was in bloom and continued to bloom until December - remarkable! She even started reblooming DURING the first bloom cycle, putting out a new branch with blossoms that flowered. She received lots of light behind a sheer curtain in a southeast facing window which received morning sun and fair light thru the rest of the day, when I'd open the sheer curtains. I gave her the recommended 2 tablespoons of water once weekly ... the rest was her own magic and breeding. She put on a new leaf a couple of months ago and she's resting until her next bloom cycle.