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Vanda Orchid

$40.00 USD

With vibrant blooms and trailing roots, Vanda orchids stand out in any environment. Vanda orchids are epiphytic, meaning they absorb water and nutrients directly through their long root system and do not need to be planted in soil or bark. They can easily be displayed hanging in a bright sunny area, or in a clear vase without water. Our Vandas come as a pack of two or a pack of five. 


*Due to limited color availability, each order includes an assortment of the colors we have available. Possible colors include: purple, cinnamon, white, pink, and yellow with red spots. We will do our best to accommodate specific color requests, but we cannot guarantee the color you will receive. 


Product Specifications: 

  • Flower Size: 1-4" 
  • 3 to 6 flowers per plant
  • Root Length: 25-35"