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Single Large Orchid

$65.99 USD

Our large phalaenopsis orchid is an elegant, flowering plant, the perfect addition to any home or office space. Each orchid comes with two spikes, each with buds and partially open flowers for an amazing unboxing experience. Blooms typically last between one and two months before dropping. Your orchid will arrive in a plastic nursery grow pot held within a decorative pot.


Product Specifications: 

  • Plant Height: 20-26"
  • 2 spikes with blooms
  • White ceramic pot 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Love the product, but delivery was horrible!

As far as large, stunning phalaenopsis orchids go, Westerlay orchids are fantastic!! I've purchased from them several times, and I'm always thrilled with their size and quality. I highly recommend them to others all the time.

Unfortunately, my last purchase didn't make it to its destination all in tack. The orchids are always packaged so well, but this particular box was severely crushed before delivery. The box was so mangled that the delivery driver couldn't even stand the box upright. It's obvious that they tried to straighten it out, but the box was so horribly damaged. The driver didn't go to the door, didn't knock or ring the doorbell. Instead, they left the mangled package propped up against the garage door and left.

Upon opening the crushed box, the orchid spikes were still connected, although a few of the blooms were broken off, and the others were bruised.

It was heartbreaking to send flowers to a loved one on a day they needed something uplifting - yet they received damaged goods.

Before this order, my previous orchid purchases that were delivered always arrived in perfect condition, with five-star gorgeous orchids that often last for months!

Unfortunately, this last delivery was so horrible that it worries me a little about future deliveries.

Saundra See
Fabulous phalaeonopsis

My daughter loved the beautiful orchid I sent her for Valentine’s Day. She knows it is my favorite flower and appreciates that I share with her