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What To Look For In The Perfect Holiday Centerpiece

Orchid Centerpiece for Christmas

The family table is often at the heart of every holiday. When we consider our favorite aspects of the season, we often remember that moment each year when we gather to share in the feast. No matter the size of your guest list this year, set a tablescape that adds to the joy and beauty of the meal. One easy way to create an atmosphere of simple elegance is with a beautiful centerpiece designed to capture the imagination and inspire conversation.


An exotic orchid flower garden is the perfect option, infusing bright color and elevated sophistication to any table. A lasting alternative to cut bouquets or seasonal arrangements and a creative replacement for poinsettias, decorate for the holidays in a manner that is both sustainable and distinctive. Choose from our favorite orchid garden displays, including:


Westerlay Orchids Avila Garden $110

Nothing brings a space to life like a pop of color and lively greenery. The Westerlay Orchids Avila Garden comes with four different orchid arrangements in an assortment of colors, adding unique character to your holiday table. The best part: you don’t have to worry about purchasing separate vases or potting the plants yourself. The Avila Garden set includes a classic light gray ceramic pot that perfectly accentuates the arrangement without drawing attention away from the orchid’s natural beauty.


Westerlay Orchids Pismo Garden $110

The Westerlay Orchids Pismo Garden is thoughtfully designed to accentuate every gathering throughout the holiday season. The Pismo Garden consists of four phalaenopsis orchids, which can last up to three months with proper care. This assortment of colorful, captivating flowers is nestled neatly into a smooth, dark gray ceramic pot that fits with every decorative style from chic minimalist to bold and opulent. The beautiful contrast of colors complements any space with an artful sophistication your guests are sure to notice.


Orchids bring an effortlessly elegant, delightfully calming energy to any space that beautifully embodies the essence of the holiday season. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas Eve dinner or simply want to liven up your home with a touch of warm spring during the colder winter months, Westerlay Orchids deserve a spot at your table.