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Experience Powerful Plant Healing, Including Reduced Stress and Better Sleep

Plant Based Healing By Creating A Peaceful Atmosphere

Did you know adding an orchid bloom to any indoor space could unlock science-backed health and wellness benefits?

When you bring home one of our orchid blooms, they get far more than a beautiful decor piece. Science suggests that Orchids are in a class of houseplants which can offer a variety of positive mental benefits, including an uplifted mood, sharpened focus, and more restful sleep. For three generations, we built a solid reputation for producing some of the Pacific Coast’s most beautiful and unique flowers, cultivated right in the heart of Carpinteria with effortless at-home care and environmental impact in mind. Now, amid the battle against COVID-19 as well as several social and political stressors, our innovative team shares how orchids just might be one of the best-kept secrets to achieving balance and better health.


“The health and wellness aspects of adding living plants to any space has been well documented by the scientific community,” explains our  Director of Sales Jeff Karpman. “With a kaleidoscope of incredible colors and unique adaptability to a range of environments, our premium orchids are a great place to start.”
A team of Japanese researchers found that actively caring for and observing an indoor plant can help reduce work stress while supporting overall mental health. The presence of a plant is thought to be instrumental in inducing periodic mindfulness breaks, which can help to relax the mind, lower the heart rate, and improve sleep.
Relaxing Home Design With Plant Arrangement

Adding plants to just one room of your home or office can work wonders for:

          • Uplifts moods
          • Relax The Mind
          • Lower The Heart Rate
          • Sharpen Focus
          • Boost Memory
          • Helps Creativity
          • Restful Sleep
          • Improves Air Quality
          • Natural Humidifier
          • Removes airborne Molds & Bacteria