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Brighten Your Workspace

brighten up your work from home space

Infuse some new beauty into your home office and liven up your life! 

Is your home office feeling a little stale and uninspired? Treat yourself or surprise a co-worker with an orchid delivery! Bringing nature inside ignites creativity, and whether you are putting an orchid on your desk, or your nightstand, it will remind you that there is life and beauty all around you. Plus, it gives your co-workers something NEW to look at on your next Zoom call!
Treat yourself to a Westerlay Orchids delivery or surprise a friend today. 

The Premium Box $130.00

The Premium Box is a contemporary favorite.  It is comprised of 6 phalaenopsis orchids, 3 in elegant speckled finished ceramic pots, and 3 in high-quality ceramic pots with vertical lines. They are lush arrangements with cascading blooms. They truly bring beauty into any space. 

Our Orchid Boxes consist of 4,6,8,10, or 15 orchids with various orchid and pot options. 

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